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Got Kids? Do you work with families?
Are you a teacher or operate day-care?

If the answer is yes, then how would you like to be able to help your child/student become responsible decision makers, or help parents by giving them the tools to:

  • Neutralize whining and arguing

  • Reduce the occurrence of power struggles

  • Gain respect and cooperation by sharing control

  • Create effective and do-able consequences

  • Teach kids to own and solve their own problems

  • Stay calm during frustrating and infuriating times

  • Create a classroom with limited disruptions

  • Help your child deal with bullying or disappointment

  • Prepare kids for the real world

 By learning and utilizing a simple program, you will be able to accomplish all the above and lots more.                      

We Can Help!!   

                                             Lynne McCaffertyCrystal Farrow  

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In memory of my parents: Carl and Ada Morris

"For having the courage and foresight to allow me to make mistakes, and loving me anyway." ~Lynne McCafferty

Helping kids own their own and solve their own problemsAnn Landers Quote


Our children are our future, with Love and Logic® we can ensure that the decisions they make are good ones.

Our Mission

At Pathways to Harmony for Families, it is our ultimate goal to promote healthy growth in families and schools that encourages and develops hope, empowerment, and empathy within families and schools by providing workshops and classes that give practical and "do-able" techniques that lead to healthy families and successful students.

Our Vision

"To inspire and restore relationships within families and assist in educational opportunities that encourages lifetime success."